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The Difference Between Cats and Dogs
The Difference Between Cats and Dogs

I prefer a dog to a cat any day of the week.
A cat is aloof and shows you disdain.
It annoyingly scratches your sofa.
And stays out at night, except in the rain.

A dog shows you its love with a nudge and a lick.
Its always welcoming, friendly, bouncy and fun.
A dog is your friend who hangs on your every word,
And it’s ready each morning to go for a run.

What’s worse than a Siamese that doesn’t give a damn?
A Russian Blue that won’t use the litter tray at all.
A Burmese in a cage knowing it’s going to the vets.
And a Manx that’s left you a dead mouse in the hall.

What’s nicer than a Labrador who’s pleased to see you?
A Cocker Spaniel repeatedly fetching a ball.
A Chihuahua in a handbag all cosy and snug.
A well-trained Collie that comes back when you call.

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