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Meet Eric

Eric Craven was born in 1953. He is semi-retired from education where he was a special school headteacher and latterly one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Schools. He now mainly spends his time supporting headteachers of special schools, holidaying and writing largely whimsical poems.

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My Story

Covid-19 hit the UK in January 2020. Many things changed because of the pandemic and consequent lockdowns. One of those things was the massive increase in on-line communications, notably Zoom.

Having visited the Hungry Horse Folk Club in Whitby, near Ellesmere Port, a couple of times in the past, I was interested to see that the club was continuing its weekly get-togethers for musicians and poets on Zoom. In December 2020 I began to watch those evenings. I was a member of the audience to begin with. The poetry some members read aloud really stimulated me. I took the opportunity after a few months to read aloud a poem or two myself. I read aloud poems by Roger McGough, Adrian Henri and Brian Patten, the three well-known Liverpool poets from the 1960s. I especially liked their whimsical poems. I also read aloud poems by Shel Silverstein who wrote the likes of a Boy Named Sue and Sylvia’s Mother – a very creative man indeed. On 22nd April 2021, I read aloud the first poem that I’d written a few days before. It was called Redundant in the Kitchen. It went down well, and it was like the firing of a starting pistol for my creativity to start flowing. I couldn’t stop writing poems and I have continued to this day.

I’ve read aloud a lot of my poems to the long-suffering members of the Hungry Horse Folk Club and also on BBC Radio Merseyside. A friend told me about the Upload Service for local artists and musicians the BBC was hosting. I uploaded three poems to Radio Merseyside in June 2021 and then got a call from a researcher asking me to go on the air live during the Jermaine Foster show a few days later. I was encouraged to talk about how I had begun to write poems as well as reading them aloud. I have to say that gave me a real boost and strengthened my desire to keep writing poetry.

"Eric is a super feller who regularly entertains us at the Hungry Horse FC with his whimsical poetry and humorous observations on life... His site is well worth a visit. Easy to follow, lots of poems (script and video) plus a couple of very interesting podcasts and guests' poetry." (John Owen - HHFC)



The majority of my poems stem from personal experiences. Some have an origin in my childhood. Other poems are also thought-provoking as they portray more challenging life experiences to which most of us will be able to relate. Other poems reflect the times in which we currently live and some tell simple stories. My imagination is the source for my other, largely whimsical poems.


  • His wife, kids and grandkids

  • Liverpool Football Club

  • Mainly folk music

  • Majorca

  • Writing poems

  • Working with schools

  • Indian food

  • Pub quizzes

  • Calibri Light Font​

  • His many friends


  • Bullies

  • Squirrels stealing peanuts

       from the birds

  • Injustice

  • Offal

  • Impenetrable poetry

  • Scammers

  • Driving behind a caravan

  • Self-importance

  • Cruelty


  • Politicians

  • Ice hockey

  • The One Show

  • Mowing the lawn

  • Fried eggs

  • Wellingtons

  • Ice cubes

  • Ballet

  • Electric scooters

  • Bacon

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