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A goblin, a horrid little creature, with a face of greeny brown._Huge, hairy eyebrows that


Alan Rigby

Alan is an 80 years old, ex referee who now writes poems.

My nickname is Riggers,
And I don’t want any sniggers.
It’s a name of which I am proud
So you can shout it out loud.

Our whole family are called it
I think because it’s a nice fit.
We ourselves use the name
Even though we’re all called the same.

It could be a form of bonding,
Over time, for which we’ve been longing
And now, when we’re together
It forms a kind of tether.

We use the name to one another.
For example, between me and my brother.
And when we need to attract attention,
And many other occasions I could mention.

It’s used as a term of affection
and in many another direction.
But most of all it’s used for identification
Of our family, in this part of the nation.

To know which Riggers you mean
Will depend on the context in which they are seen.
But most of all I think you’ll see,
That if you shout “Riggers” You will get me.

To others it must seem strange,
As over our family the nickname does range.
Use it for a boy, girl, lady, old or young you can.
But more often than not you’ll get a man. ME!

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