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I’m Growing old - but … I Am What I Was


Patrick Horn

Patrick claims he is an 'old dodderer' from Parbold in Lancashire.

I am what I was

Suddenly I am old.
Where did that come from ?
Yesterday I was young and today I am old.
Old age crept up on me,
It was so sudden, so unexpected.

But, I am what I was,
But the problem remains.
What was I ?

As a Child I was always young
And others were old.

Whilst I was in infant school,
The juniors were old.

Then in junior school,
Those in the BIG school
Well, they were old.

At senior school,
Teen agers were all the rage
But, they too were old.

When I became a teenager,
Those in their early twenties,
Well, they were old,
But they ruled the roost.

When I achieved my twenty first,
That was such a day
Playing football in the afternoon,
And dancing at Wickies at night.

When I was in my teens
The twenty years olds were kings.
At last I had joined them !
But then, when I had joined the twenties,
The teenagers took over the world.

Ah ! society had changed,
All whilst I was not looking.
The early twenties were too old,
Teenagers were the coming thing,
Alas ! I had missed out again.

But, I am what I was.

As a child I was nurtured by my parents,
And sister too, secure and snug.
Not much money,
But a great deal of love.

That love was added to by others
Two grannies and a grandad,
Aunties and Uncles,
Cousins and friends.
All these lovely people
Helped and shaped me
To make me what I was.

As I grew, others shaped me.
All through my life
I’ve had good friends,
Supporting me and helping me
To become what I was.

The games I played were fun,
Organised or a free for all,
In gangs or teams, with a partner, or alone,
It was important to always try my best,
And to learn how to win, and to lose.
Games helped me to become what I was.

The jobs I’ve had,
Many and various,
Farm worker, steel worker,
Shoe shop sales, a tailor’s assistant,
Bus conductor, and teacher,
All shaped me to become what I was.

Work was important to me,
But what did I learn ?
That little could be achieved alone -
As a tailor’s assistant, clothes needed to be made,
On the farm, the machines we used, they needed to be made.
When selling shoes, they needed to be made.
As a bus conductor, the buses needed drivers.
As a teacher, I built on the work of others.
I worked with others too, some truly great,
And together we had some success.
I also learnt that anything built was temporary
Others could knock it down.
Work helped me to become what I was

Good friends are always a help
They are of great value, too.
But being married to Valerie,
Provided the love for me
And the very best friend I could have.
Valerie helped and shaped me
To become what I was.

Then Rebecca and Rachel came,
And they too , as children, shaped me.
Now, as successful adults,
They continue to shape me.
To become what I was, and am.

So now, looking back, over the years,
Each day becomes more precious,
And I am thankful for all those
Who shaped me
Into what I was, and am.

I am what I was.

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