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A goblin, a horrid little creature, with a face of greeny brown._Huge, hairy eyebrows that
A Song for Emma


Sue Farley

Sue is a friend of mine and a fabulous folk singer and song writer. She wrote this poem many years ago.

From early morn till bedtime there’s a certain little person
Who demands my whole attention all the time.
She’s a cunning as a fox and as gentle as a kitten.
But oh! I wouldn’t change her ‘cos she’s mine.

She’s a noisy little person, all crash and bang and clatter,
And a chatty little person day and night.
It’s “Mummy, can I have?” and “Why?” and how and when and where,
With her eyes so soft and gentle shiny bright.

So that if she’s ever naughty
(and she can be that quite often),
And I tell her off as sternly as I can.
She looks at me so sadly
That I’ll cuddle her quite madly
And then I know for sure she’s won again.

And… when that little person’s lying fast asleep
With little head on pillow, hair all curled.
No matter what the clamour or
The clatter or the chatter.
I know I wouldn’t be without her for the world.

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