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A Poem For Pops!


Helen Hubbard

Helen, my eldest daughter wrote this
for my seventieth birthday. It's lovely.

People always write you poems,
Because of your poetry position.
But let's face it if we're honest,
It's just poetry competition.

You could think of ways,
To tell us politely,
Get off my poetry turf.
But we're not that good,
And because of that,
It will increase your poem’s worth.

So here it is, a poem for dad.
The best dad in the land.
Our influencer, wisdom giver.
Who always lends a hand.

Thank you for the bath panels,
The light fittings and the loans.
The advice, the support, the taxiing and such,
And not reacting to our teenage groans.

We love you more than words can say.
Our king, our strength, our hero.
Let's keep on having fun and laughs,
And happy birthday for the seven-zero.

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