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What Will Resurface?
What Will Resurface?

Sales of vinyl are on the up.
An LP is something to treasure.
Maybe other things will resurface
And continue to give us pleasure.

Betamax and VHS have had their day.
You needed to watch from the start.
Trying to find a point in time
Was obviously the most difficult part.

The problem with cassettes of course
Is how they become entangled.
Using a pencil to wind them up again
Is a pain and very old fangled.

After that and one for the future
Was the minidisc, a floppy in a shell.
Small and neat, good quality too
But Napster was its death knell.

CDs are here for who knows how long?
As streaming services thrive
Spotify and Apple are splendid
And there’s music on your hard drive.

Films and TV are streamed a lot too
As DVDs and Blue Rays reduce.
Netflix and Prime are in millions of homes.
It won’t be long till DVDs vamoose.

It seems that vinyl is the one to last.
Although scratches can be widespread.
You can play the White Album backwards
To see if Paul McCartney is dead.

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