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We Owe Those Brave Souls
We Owe Those Brave Souls

Immeasurable is what we owe those courageous souls.
More than six million brutally slain in that dreadful war,
Ending the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.
Please, no more, never again, didn’t we all implore?

Four empires collapsed, boundaries redrawn,
New countries formed, some put to the sword.
A conflict that irreversibly changed the world,
But only mere medals and statues for a reward.

It’s happening again, time after time, after time.
The Ukraine and Israel are two with many dead.
When peace breaks out and new order formed.
Politicians will weep and platitudes will be said.

Children orphaned and parents bereft.
Many millions maimed in body or mind.
We know of course it’s not worth the pain.
But we need to say so and be more combined.

When we buy our poppies again this year.
Lest we not forget but thoughtfully remember.
But this year, as conflict worsens across the world,
Let’s not take them off at the end of November.

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