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The Misspelt Animal World
The Misspelt Animal World

The animals were enjoying their day…
Two Bitterflies waltzed leisurely between the blooms of a buddleia.
A young Hedgehug uncurled and scurried off in search of breakfast.
Three Hermit Carbs line-danced in a fresh, cool rockpool.
A solitary Jellyflesh glided idly in the shallows of the receding tide.
A troop of Elepants swayed in an orderly line heading to a watering hole.
A family of Chimpanfrees watched on curiously, occasionally screeching encouragement.
Four Babooms also displayed their interest, sitting in a quizzical line under a tree.
A Porcuspine wandered through the light undergrowth daring to be challenged.
Six Buffaglow emerged from the dust storm their hurrying had produced.
…the animals continued to enjoy their day.

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