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My Son
My Son

Son, I love you more than you will believe.
And much more than I ever did conceive.
You rode my shoulders when you were a sprat.
I’d carry you again at the drop of a hat.
We've travelled the wide world side by side.
We've seen sights to make our eyes open wide.
While your footprints can be alongside mine.
They must be your own if you are to shine.
Take your own journey now and make your mark.
Sometimes there will be light and sometimes dark.
Should you need a lamp I will light your view.
If you need to reach higher I will lift you.
When you want directions I’ll be your map.
If you need praise I will be the first to clap.
If you limp I will gladly be your crutch.
If you need contact it will be me that you touch.
I don't know of course what your future holds.
I do know it will be exciting as your life unfolds.
Make your every waking moment memorable.
Have a life that’s absolutely immeasurable.
Eventually I won’t be there to dry your tears.
To share your highs or calm your fears.
There will be things I'll never see that you will.
I won’t share anymore the things that thrill.
But when I'm gone, and you think you’re alone.
Remember Son, I’m your blood and I’m your bone.

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