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My Dansette Record Player
My Dansette Record Player

My record player was my pride and joy.
We all had a Dansette in our early teens.
Mine sat very proudly in my bedroom,
Next to the chair where I flung my jeans.

That Dansette of blue gave me so much fun
My first 45 was Gerry and the Pacemakers.
Then Can’t Buy Me Love by the Beatles.
Later, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

It rested quietly waiting for me to load it up.
That I did with Bob Dylan and The Byrds,
Followed by the Incredible String Band,
And Leonard Cohen with his baffling words.

The Stones got an airing and so did Melanie.
Donovan and the Kinks were to whom I fled.
The Ramblin’ Boy, Tom Paxton was so beloved.
I put the Beatles on backwards to see if Paul was dead.

You stood the test of time my treasured Dansette.
My lovely record player, how important were you?
Much pleasure you gave me through my teens.
You were there for me through and through.

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