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Little E and Hut 4
Little E and Hut 4

Visiting the famous Bletchley Park
Wouldn’t be at all complete
Without popping in to famous Hut 4
Where now people go to eat.

Our very good friend Little E,
He adores his grub, for sure.
Once we‘d all finished lunch
We found him queuing for more.

All the exhibits were really super.
Deciphering codes, such good fun.
If he needed a code to find his grub,
Of course, he wouldn’t be outdone.

You could sneakily hide his lunch,
Protected by padlocks galore.
He’s swiftly pick them all
And find his grub for sure.

If we ever have another World War
Tell Little E there’s food at stake.
Point him toward the evil Hun.
He’d win, no doubt – piece of cake!

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