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Little Bobby Baxter
Little Bobby Baxter

There’s a lad in our street with a problem.
Little Bobby Baxter is only four foot six.
He’s seventeen years old, the poor fella.
It’s fair to say he’s in a bit of a fix.

His mum and dad got lots of advice.
They did all they could to help him grow.
They fed him nutritious drinks and meals.
But his growth spurt still failed to show.

They got two strong men to stretch him.
They got him to almost four foot ten.
But when they stopped stretching,
He reverted to four foot six again.

The poor lad sat with his feet in compost.
He was liberally watered with plant food.
He was completely surrounded by heat lamps,
But he remained the same, short dude.

They talked to him and hugged him like a tree.
He was coaxed and counselled to no avail.
He was going to remain a little chap.
And that my friends, is the end of this short tale.

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