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Life in the 60s
Life in the 60s

Do you remember when your GP came to you?
When Saturday mornings were taken up with a matinee.
When dogs roamed in packs and Elm trees lined the roads,
And as a kids all you’d do each summer was play.

The coal man and the milk man travelled the streets.
You rented your TV from Rediffusion or Martin Dawes.
You’d be sent for shillings for the meter,
And you’d get money back on bottles of course.

Ice creams were paraded backwards in the cinema.
You played darts and dominoes in the living room.
With crepe paper you’d make your own Christmas decorations,
And the binmen would tidy up after themselves with a broom.

Lamposts all had shoes hanging on them.
The chippy wanted old newspapers for a bag of chips in exchange.
Our cinema had opera glasses for those in the balcony.
You'd have half-pennies and thruppenny bits in your loose change.

We’d race on our bikes and throw balls to hit the kerb.
Jacks and Ollies and Hopscotch were the games we all enjoyed.
The neighbours came out and everyone played Rounders.
And if you lost nobody at all got annoyed.

The Lemonade man would deliver your pop.
People would knock for money for the Pools and the PRU,
And Mr Whippy played his tune regardless of season.
If no meat was available, you’d have blind stew.

Blaming someone else for something was unheard of.
Litigation was simply an unknown word.
You took things stoically and on the chin.
You knew that moaning would just be absurd.

Jimmy Clitheroe and Old Mother Riley were favourites.
Randall and Hopkirk Deceased and Morcambe and Wise.
Callan had his swinging light bulb and his friend Lonely.
The Saint and Man in a Suitcase were the good guys.

On a Sunday on the radio it was Family Favourites.
At other times Uncle Mac and The Navy Lark.
If money was tight and you needed some help.
You had neighbours and mates and not a loan shark.

Sweets came in paper bags and two ounces.
Spangles, Black Jacks and Fruit Salads filled your digestive tract.
Lucky Bags, Gobstoppers, Sherbert Fountains and Flying Saucers.
Mars Bars were massive, and a bag of crisps was jam-packed.

Bob-a-Job was a way to do good and earn a badge.
Monkey Bars kept us active and fit in the park.
Life was so much easier and simple then.
For good old fun the 60’s is a benchmark.

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