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Kim the Dancer
Kim the Dancer

Kim is a wonderful dancer and sings karaoke to boot.
Singing is a pastime, and dancing her pursuit.
She’s a dancing stalwart of the chorus line.
Her karaoke song is Sweet Child of Mine.
Her theatrical presence serves her well.
She travels the stage like a young gazelle.
She’d love to combine these two distinct arts.
It’s musical theatre where she wants the parts.
Try as she might, she can’t pass an audition.
She lets herself down by her own admission.
When she’s dancing Kim must remain dumb.
While singing she has to sit on her bum.
Singing while dancing throws her completely.
Those watching her audition tell her sweetly,
‘Kim sweetheart, you dance exceptionally well.’
‘Your voice is gorgeous, as clear as a bell.’
‘The problem dear is your syncopation.’
‘It’s nothing less than an aberration.’
‘Kim, darling stick with one specialisation.’
‘And you’ll surely enjoy a standing ovation.’

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