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In 2123 Remembering the Past
In 2123 Remembering the Past

Remember those days when we had to share public transport.
When we travelled on those slow 200 mile an hour trains.
When vehicles had people whose job was to drive them.
We needed runways for the take-off and landing of planes.

Remember the good old times when we had to manage with iPhones?
Because computers in our retinas by then weren’t invented.
Televisions in your lounge or your front room were all the rage,
And when Apple watches became obsolete we all lamented.

Do you recall when people used to go for a walk just for fun?
And when friends drank beer together in something called a pub.
Apparently, they’d also walk home chattering and laughing.
After gyrating wildly to music in social place called a club.

Remember when there were places called shops and schools?
Where families looked for food and kids would go to learn.
The time when we regularly encountered other human beings,
And people often had a lovely interaction called a good turn.

Remember a thing called currency, made up of notes and coins?
Now we simply swipe with our finger to make a transaction.
Security is such we no longer need to check for mistakes.
Just as well as we’ve forgotten about addition and subtraction.

Remember when we read newspapers and stories in books.
And when we waited for News at 10 or at 6 O’clock on BBC 1?
We’d hang on every word from a well-informed newsreader.
Now its instantaneous and in front of us before it even been spun.

Remember when Russia and China first flexed their muscles.
And diplomats tried hard to negotiate and keep them in order.
When the United Nations and NATO has some sway in the world.
Now we rely on digital Wizkid hackers to protect our border.

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