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Give Me Stress Over Boredom Any Day
Give Me Stress Over Boredom Any Day

For four years in a job I was bored senseless.
Every hour was like a day, each day like a week.
Completely unchallenged and unstimulated,
I hated work by the minute and my outlook bleak.

I became a teacher, and the elation was instant.
I was motivated and enthused and eager to graft.
Ready to make a difference and go the extra mile.
Inspired and fired up I was keen to learn my craft.

Teaching of course has is stresses and strains.
Parents want extra and the head does too.
Rightly, your planning and teaching are checked.
And inevitably there are hoops to go through.

Have I done all I can for every child?
Can I excite my learners even more?
Why doesn’t he get it? Don’t they understand?
Questioning yourself before you close that door.

Stress is wearying and can affect well-being
Would I prefer boredom to all of this?
A balance in life is important for sure.
But a job that is stimulating is absolutely bliss.

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