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Grunge, Emo, Biker and Hip Hop
Punk, Goth, Tracksuits and K Pop

Remember loons and a tie-dye tee-shirt
Brogues, sandals and a Ben Sherman shirt
Crombie overcoat, a bomber jacket of leather
People go clubbing now in their altogether

Doc Martins with a skimpy dress is cool
Never wear braces – that’s the rule
Ripped jeans are not now in style
Vintage of course will be for a while

Jeans so tight they won’t come off
If you’re a fella they’ll make you cough
Fashion for some is just a farce
Like trousers halfway down your arse

Bell bottoms, flares and kipper ties
Round collar shirts, and button flies
All of these have lost their appeal
They’re as trendy as a Cuban heel

Rockabilly skirts were all the rage
Mentioning them now shows your age
Hot pants, a headband and a tank top
Meant you were getting ready to bop

Patent leather boots, preferably white
I couldn’t stop thinking about them, try as I might
Stiletto heels had girls tottering about
If a camera appeared, they loved to pout

Fashions will come and fashions will go
So fill your wardrobe, you never know!
We each have our own sartorial style
Even if we make others smile

Don’t worry, just go your own way
Wear a poncho, just don’t be grey
Culottes, a ten-gallon hat, a knotted hanky
People will just think you’re cranky

Grunge, Emo, Biker and Hip Hop
Punk, Goth, Tracksuits and K Pop

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