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Cabin Luggage
Cabin Luggage

Do you find flying stressful, like me?
Is it the delays or the queueing to pee?
I suspect it could it be a lack of leg room,
Or that it’s rather like flying in a tomb.

For me it’s none of those painful things,
That makes me want to clip my wings.
It’s the fact that I’m in row four,
But my bag is by the emergency door.

We’re at least twelve rows apart,
And here’s me hoping for an early dart.
Should I wait for others to disembark?
Or should weave to my bag like a shark?

There’s little room in the aisle as it is.
If I start weaving others will get in a tizz.
I can’t go through this stress each flight,
So from now on I’m going to travel light.

I’ll wear all the clothes from my cabin bag.
That way I’ll have nothing to carry or drag.
I’ll keep my toothbrush in my top pocket.
When we land watch me go like a rocket.

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