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Autism is a continuum I swear we're all on.
I have my routines that can't be disturbed.
If I don't brush my teeth in the right way.
I'm thrown out of kilter and get perturbed.

As another example of my very restrictive foibles,
I use the same knife and fork for every single meal.
If I can't I don't start to sulk or stamp on the ground.
Deep down inside of me I let out an alarming squeal.

Alan Turin the mathematician had autistic traits.
It's said he took at least two years off the war.
He saved the lives of millions of British people.
Then what the government did to him I abhor.

Einstein, Elon Musk, Charles Darwin, Bill Gates,
Spielberg, Dylan, James Taylor and Henry Ford,
Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Beethoven and Van Gogh,
All are on the spectrum and they can't be ignored.

Autism has lots of benefits for our wonderful world.
Let's enjoy and celebrate our many different traits.
Without them we wouldn't have the world we do.
We owe an awful lot to autism and all these greats.

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