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What Gender Am I?
What Gender Am I?

I’m not sure how to describe myself these days.
When it asks for my gender on a form what do I say?
There are so many to choose from,
Understanding them all will take me all day.

Of course, we can describe ourselves how we wish.
Switching between genders - that’s fine too.
I can’t get my head round the language and labels.
To know which one to use - I haven’t got a clue.

When I was growing up it was simply man or woman
Now I might be binary, non-binary, intersex or gay.
There are so many ways to express my orientation.
On the form I’ll write ‘I’m sure I’ll know someday’?

I need a thesaurus to help me know who I am.
A dictionary of gender expressions would do.
I don’t want to choose the wrong label.
In case my sexual orientation goes askew.

Am I omni-gender or gender-queer?
Inter-gender or transsexual?
I think I might choose gender fluid.
That way I could be contextual.

But back to the form and what do I write?
I suppose I could say I’m hesitant or unclear.
But whatever I write does it really matter?
I’m me, I’m happy and I am what I appear.

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