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The Hand-dryer in the Loo
The Hand-dryer in the Loo

G-Force rippled my skin.
My palms hit the floor.
My fingernails loosened.
I couldn’t take anymore.

My skin was bone dry.
My face - completely flushed.
As I took a step away.
All became quietly hushed.

I’d been exhilarated.
I’d been totally scared.
My anxious trepidation.
Had just been well aired.

I’m talking about hand-dryers.
Like the one in this Loo.
I only have to brush past it.
And I’m dry - thank you!

I approach with anticipation.
It is a mighty powerful thing.
Some are just for décor.
Others make your skin sting.

There is one at Anfield,
That’s like a bee’s breath.
You could use it for years,
And still be wet at death.

What makes it even worse,
It’s illuminated for you to view.
You think they’d make it red,
But that damn light is blue.

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