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Subtract to Add
Subtract to Add

Remove the dis- from disappointment,
And enjoy an appointment with fun.
Disconnect the con- from contraction,
And you’re improvement will be done.

Confiscate the un- from unfeeling.
You’ll be emotional once again.
Take the circum- from circumnavigate,
And reverse in the fast lane.

Extinguish the de- from devalue.
You’ll be worthy of what’s to come.
Delete the im- from impossible.
Begin banging a big bass drum.

Detach the in- from inconsiderate,
And be thoughtful in what you do.
Separate the sub- from submerge,
To rise to the top of the queue.

Eliminate the re-from rewrite,
And never have to edit again.
Remove the co- from coexist,
Peace and quiet you will attain.

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