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A gorilla with a sword
A mouse that’s bored
A tiger with a smoke
A zebra that spoke

A parrot that can swim
A koala in the gym
A giraffe well dressed
A sloth that’s stressed

A cheetah that cheats
A horse between the sheets
An alligator that hops
A monkey that shops

A panda that can write
A snake flying a kite
A hyena that’s sad
A labrador that’s bad

A turtle doing backstroke
A lizard with heatstroke
A goat scolding his kid
A bear with a takeover bid

A crocodile in tears
An ibis drinking beers
A fox that’s regretful
An owl looking fretful

A skunk that’s drunk
A hippo who’s a punk
A skate that can skate
A polar bear for a mate

A penguin having an affair
A meerkat saying a prayer
An emu weeding the garden
A baboon saying pardon

Wouldn’t it ironic
Worthy of a gin and tonic
If people were in a zoo
And animals were in the queue

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