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I'm Honorary Irish
I'm Honorary Irish

Can I count myself as Irish?
I surely hope I can
I go each year on holiday
I can say, ‘You’re the man’

I was also born on Paddy’s Day
The 17th of March each year
I can name the four provinces
And I can down the dark black beer

I’ve had a DNA test done
I’m definitely part Paddy
But it doesn’t qualify for a passport
As none of it’s from me Daddy

I love the music and the craic
In bars I can sit and ponder
I can chat with the boys all night
Then homewards I do wander

From Clannad to the Dubliners
Irish music is well renowned
Christy Moore to the Clancys
They create a marvellous sound

Hurling is my favourite sport
Those lads with the sticks are mad
They don’t take any prisoners
I only watch and I’m very glad

Croke Park in Dublin is the place to be
When its full and the boys are jumping
Its history and all those memories
They get my heart a-thumping

Irish hospitality is renowned
You’re welcomed wherever you go
If you’re in a bar and on your own
Very soon the craic will flow

From Dublin to Galway
And Portrush to Kinsale
The Irish are so lovely
They’re off the bloomin’ scale

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