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Horror Films
Horror Films

Do you like a horror film?
Is the adrenaline rush your fix?
Do you like the trepidation?
Does the shock give you your kicks?

Did ‘Here’s Johnny’ - get your heart a thumping?
Did the swimmers in Jaws make you uneasy?
Did the ‘bursting from the chest’ scene in Alien
Make you really, really queasy?

Perhaps you hid behind a cushion
Or peeped between your fingers
You want to watch but you just can’t look
When the camera slowly lingers

The Devil Rides Out was the first I saw
But the Bride of Frankenstein made me chuckle
The Fog and Wicker Man scared the pants off me
While watching The Omen I had white knuckles

The pub scene in American Werewolf
Poltergeist’s interference on the tele
The spinning head in the Exorcist
These scenes turned my legs to jelly

The film’s title was Don’t Look Now
But of course, you had to watch
In A Quite Place you must make no noise
After watching that one I had a double scotch

Who the hell would live on Elm Street
A kid seeing dead people gets me perturbed
Freddie Kruger and Carrie were really scary
Norman Bates in Psycho; now he really was disturbed

Stephen King is the master of horror
IT and The Dead Zone were both his doing
If you are well into this kind of thing
Films of his books are compulsive viewing

So, next time you go to the cinema,
To watch a very scary movie.
Be careful when selecting your seat,
If I were you, I'd be very, very choosy.

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