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Charlie Rice Wouldn’t Get His Homework Done
Charlie Rice Wouldn’t Get His Homework Done

Charlie Rice refused do his homework
He favoured playing football instead
His mum said ‘Charlie, you’re a fool’
‘There’ll be nothing inside your head.’

Each night rather than doing homework
He played on his cherished PlayStation
Getting up each morning he found it hard
His uncle said ‘You’ve got to resist temptation’

On Saturday Charlie would ride his bike
He did this all day from morning till night
When he got home his dad said ‘Son’
‘No homework means you’ll not be very bright’

On a Sunday Charlie stayed late in bed
Till he was called for a lovely roast dinner
After lunch his homework still wasn’t done
His brother mocked ‘you won’t be a winner’

Each day he had no homework to show
He repeatedly got warnings and detention
He still made no effort to do his homework
Even when he got himself a suspension

When it came to his final exams
Charlie had nerves and trepidation
He wanted to go when he’d read the questions
But he was told to stay for the duration

He stared at the questions again and again
Then just sat and twiddled his thumbs
He chewed his finger nails and picked his nose
Looking round at his industrious chums

Charlie couldn’t wait to finally leave school
He’d had enough of being asked for homework
On his last day he said goodbye to his friends
And thumbed his nose at his teachers with a smirk

Charlie has now made a great success of his life
He’s got a decent job and he really is no jerk
He has a well-appointed office in his house
Each day he’s keen to do his homework

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