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Buried Alive
Buried Alive

Can you hear my taps inside my box?
I want my scratching to stop the clocks.
My shouts are deadened by the soil.
If you heard you’d probably recoil.

It’s dark in here, I need some light.
Oh dear, I don’t feel quite right.
No matches do I have with me.
Which is why I can no longer see.

I’ll be joined by creatures of the earth.
I want to escape for all I’m worth.
I can hear you all walking away.
Please don’t go, do please stay.

Listen intently, you’ll hear my pleas.
This is becoming a very tight squeeze.
Please come and dance on my grave
Then tell me it was just a close shave.

I want to feel the breeze on my skin.
I’m desperate to hug my next of kin.
I fear I may be lost to the ground.
It’s me shouting, “I’m under this mound.”

I need to resign myself now.
I gave it a good shot anyhow.
If my shouting won’t be believed.
I hope my loss will be grieved.

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