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We All Need An Allotment
We All Need An Allotment

We all need an allotment where we can sow, tend and reap.
Where our stresses and strains get brushed into an unseen heap.
An allotment where flowers and veg and fruit flourish and ripen.
Where over a glass of beer our creative thoughts often heighten.

Where the sun beats upon the soil and the rain nourishes it too.
And we hoe and rake and weed before we then enjoy a brew.
We must take a leaf from the wonderful butterfly’s book.
Be more gentle with the world around us and just LOOK!

We miss so much as we negotiate this frenzied existence.
Try raising your head a touch and look to the middle distance.
Take time to contemplate, to be still, to think and ponder.
You’ll see things in an allotment that will bring you wonder.

It’s up to us to slow this feverish and turbulent world down.
To crawl out of the tempestuous sea before we all drown.
Let’s get back to nature and reverse time a little.
Me? I’m going to sit by my allotment and learn to whittle.

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