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The Things I See in My Teardrops
The Things I See in My Teardrops

I can see my father’s funeral

My first child being born

The TV report that led to Live Aid

Liverpool winning their first European Cup

The murder of James Bulger

The demolition of the Berlin Wall

Alan Turing’s suicide

Watching the man with two carrier bags in Tiananmen Square

I can see the assassination of Marin Luther King

My first hearing of the Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin

Taking my beloved dog to be put to sleep

Rosa Park’s refusal to give up her seat

Covid-9 taking one of my friends

My second child being born

Visiting Auschwitz

The signing of the Good Friday agreement

The sinking of The General Belgrano

One of my grandchildren winning an award

I can see the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami

The first sight of my bride to be at our wedding

The assassination of JFK

Me playing carefree with my friends when only 8

The Chernobyl disaster

My third child being born

The killing of Baby P

The bravery of Simon Weston


Churchill’s ‘We shall fight on the beaches' speech

The news that Elvis was dead

Looking upwards in the Sistine Chapel

Hearing that my grandson has been bullied

Standing in front of Van Gogh’s painting, Starry Night

The dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima

Nelson Mandela’s release from prison

My mother’s funeral

What can you see in your teardrops?

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