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Winter Days
Winter Days

Its winter, the season of uncertainty and tests.
Tumbling, biting temperatures cause protests.
Rain, sleet, snow, fog, mist, drizzle, who knows?
Twigs buffeted in gusts of endless tos and fros.
Gale driven ripples on opaque puddles.
People sheltering in close-knit huddles.
Umbrellas are examined and fail miserably.
We need much bigger ones; considerably.
Nests silhouetted within leafless tributaries.
Thin clothes and no gloves are adversaries.
Lampposts cast undulating circles of light.
For anyone foolish enough to be out tonight.
Heartless winds reach through our clothes.
Turning us frosty from our head to our toes.
Damp trouser bottoms and soggy laces.
A blueish tinge from the cold on our faces.
Stay at home on these cold winter days.
Wait for the sun to unfurl it’s warm rays.

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