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We Thank You So Much
We Thank You So Much

We have to thank the Spanish for so much.
They invented the quite delectable siesta.
Picasso, tapas, paella, flamenco and Ibiza.
And of course the Spanish gave us the fiesta.

We have to thank the Italians for so much.
The Fiat 500, expresso and Marconi’s radio.
The Ferrari, lasagna, pizza and Tiramisu.
Galileo, Luciano Pavarotti and Michelangelo.

We have to thank the French for so much.
French wine, the Louvre and café au lait.
Croissants, cheese and the Citroen 2CV.
Disneyland Paris and of course, the canape.

We have to thank the Germans for so much.
Karl Marx, bratwurst and the Brothers Grimm.
Albert Einstein, Mercedes and Angela Merkel,
Oh, and Adolf Hitler – remember him?

We have to thank the Chinese for so much.
They gave us silk, chop sticks, Covid and tea.
Martial arts, the great wall, the terracotta army,
Fried rice, Jackie Chan, Temu and Bruce Lee.

We have to thank the Americans for so much.
For McDonalds, gangsters, and Forest Gump,
Being right all the time, misspelling English words,
Shopping Malls, loudness and Donald Trump.

We have to thank ourselves for so much.
We gave the world democracy and the rule of law.
Telephone boxes, castles, the BBC, Stonehenge,
The full English, Yorkshire pud and so much more.

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