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These Are a Few of My Favourite Things
These Are a Few of My Favourite Things

Reading a good book in a warm bed by the light of a bedside lamp

Using a long stick to poke a bonfire

Singing along to music while driving

Listening to Test Match Special

Sitting on a rural riverbank watching the water drift by

Having lunch on a balcony overlooking the sea

Chatting with family and friends round a BBQ with a glass of wine

Looking out of the window on a steam train journey

Staring at the stars on a warm, clear night

Listening to my grandchildren tell me about their day at school

Listening to the Midnight News and then the Shipping Forecast on Radio 4

Looking at my garden when I've just mown the grass

Having fish and chips overlooking the river Mersey

Watching a Red Admiral dance around a flowerbed

Sharing my grandson's excitement when I take him to a football match

Having a picnic with my family

Hearing heavy rain on a windowpane

Playing a family game of cricket on the beach

Listening to a favourite piece of music with my eyes closed

Watching inane TV with my wife

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