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The Memory Mirror
The Memory Mirror

Imagine a mirror with a memory for times gone by.
Like at that party when you ate the whole apple pie.
Or that special occasion when you first kissed Kate,
And the time you left half dressed ‘coz you were late.

Imagine a mirror with a memory for events in the news.
Like that game at Crystal Palace when Cantona blew a fuse.
Or when MPs were claiming expenses left, right and centre.
When the Chinese chap with the shopping bags was a dissenter.

Imagine a mirror with a memory for what never happened.
Like the time when the Houses of Parliament were flattened.
Or when they proposed plastic replacements for all our joints,
And when Everton won the Premier League by a clear 10 points.

Imagine a mirror that could show these memories on demand.
You could view whatever you wanted – wouldn’t that be grand?
You could return to a time in history or to your very own childhood.
Or glance forward to events - like the result of the 3.30 at Goodwood.

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