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The Break Up
The Break Up

I’ll be reasonable and you’ll play hard ball.
I will compromise but you won’t at all.
I’ll take the blame to keep us going.
I’m upset about the seeds you’re sowing.
I’ll apologise but I don’t know what for.
You’re not regretful, you just slam the door.
Two days of silence and I break the ice.
You leave me hanging and you do this twice.
Enough is enough and I can’t get through.
But I am a coward, so I say, ‘it’s me, not you.’
You get angry and blame me for not trying.
It’s me who packs a bag and walks out crying.
I get the occasional text asking if I’ve moved on.
I text back ‘I have thanks, I’m as cool as a swan.’
This is a lie of course as you’ve left quite a scar.
But I’ll be fine on my own in this new singles bar.

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