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Our Life Together
Our Life Together

Some of my life I've been alone, the rest I've been with you.
Hand in hand together my love, we will see it through.
We’ve had our three kids and they’ve flown the nest.
They’re happy and successful because we were blessed.

We’ve made our mark and we’ve warmed so many.
Our friendships are profound and didn’t cost a penny.
We can be content we’ve filled our lives to the brim.
I’m certain for others our memories will not dim.

As our life together draws in and the end begins to show.
My love for you is always there and will continue to grow.
Very sadly, one of us may finish life’s journey all alone.
But with family and friends and memories we’ve grown.

The pleasure has been mine to love you so much.
To have you care for me and to receive your touch.
The lights will go out and the silence will be enduring.
But I want my love for you, my darling, to be reassuring.

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