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My Homework is Due
My Homework is Due

The deadline for my homework is looming.
The question is, should I use AI or not?
That would get my homework in on time.
Especially as I’m not very much of a swot.

What’s the worst that could happen?
They could refuse to mark it, I admit.
They couldn’t put me in gaol though,
For better English than I could have writ.

Perhaps they’d make an example of me,
And ask their AI to come up with my sentence.
I’m sure it would create a verdict statement.
In response I’d declare my repentance.

Actually, I could get my AI to give my reply
To their AI that declared me culpable.
AI versus AI in court. That sounds like fun.
Years of legal debate and I’d be untouchable.

AI versus AI would eventually implode.
My case thrown out due to this quirk.
Legal history would be made.
Thanks to me not doing my homework.

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