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Marlborough Teeth
Marlborough Teeth

The Marlborough art and music folk,
Love being in Llandudno, by the sea.
The Luptons organise our lovely week.
With Brian increasing the volume by degree.

Apparently he’s had some dental issues,
Because his gnashers wouldn’t play ball.
Jan has commissioned us to write a poem,
To applaud his latest teeth one and all.

He’s got new fangs, all sparking and white.
Implants, so no need to keep them in a jar.
Apparently they cost a bloomin’ fortune.
And some might say they’re a bridge too far.

They give him renewed confidence.
He’s no longer shy at coming forward.
His incisors now sparkle like a beacon.
Swimming - see him heading shoreward.

Brian had some concerns about his new teeth.
He was worried his singing would be no more.
Good news - he can still sing with his new choppers.
Sadly however, even louder than before.

He’s generous and friendly as can be.
Loves being sat behind his music stands.
After dinner all you can see of Brian,
Are his molars, canines, and his hands.

He’s a really lovely man and ever so committed.
We wouldn’t be here without his drive and verve.
You’ll certainly see him coming toward you.
Because it’s his front teeth you’ll have to swerve.

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