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Little E in a Pie Shop
Little E in a Pie Shop

My friend Little E, he loves a pie shop.
Many a happy hour he’s stood and stared,
Perusing the pies and inhaling the smells.
His love for every pie in the shop he’s declared.

It’s incredibly hard for him to make a choice
From all that shortcrust and delicious fillings.
He’s often torn between size and flavour.
The poor assistant’s been given some grillings.

Should he take a gooey cheese and onion?
But there’s that lovely steak and ale as well.
What about the attractive chicken jalfrezi?
My God, that’s a truly wonderful smell.

“Go healthy” we say to the drooling Little E.
“Remember, your body is a precious shrine.
“You’re right" he says, quite pleased with himself
“I’ll go for feta cheese and spinach in white wine”.

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