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Little E and the 52 Pies
Little E and the 52 Pies

Little E thought he’d gone to Heaven.
A pub menu with 52 different pies!
He salivated as he perused the list.
He just couldn’t believe his eyes.

He assumed the place was in Norwich,
Where we were heading for a few days.
He spent hours deciding which he’d have.
But the pub’s in Filey, upcountry a ways.

The verbal abuse he gave his friend,
For misleading Little E about the grub,
Was nothing short of entirely outrageous.
He was so excited about the famed pie pub.

In his mind he’d made his selection.
The Jeju (Korean pulled brisket) for him.
Sadly, it was not be on this occasion.
His little face, it looked so grim.

Maybe on another trip we’ll go to Filey,
And we’ll reside at the Piebald Inn.
Where Little E can choose his pies.
And he’ll ask if he can have a shut in!

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