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Hell No!
Hell No!

Something’s the matter. I’m worried as can be.
I’m shaky and anxious and I’m in a cold sweat.
My poor old equilibrium in totally unequal.
I’m like a timid kitten and I can’t help but fret.

If I told you why, you’d show me some sympathy.
What’s happened has me completely thrown.
I’m not coming down with the flu or a cold.
But I seem to have lost my damn phone.

My life’s on that phone - my calendar, my accounts.
The thought of coping without them is appalling.
No lists, no musings, no contacts, no Apps.
If I think about it, in a minute I’ll be bawling.

What now will I do with my opposable thumbs?
Hitch hiking is an option; writing too, I suppose.
Then there’s tossing a coin or zipping a zipper.
To those who laughed I could thumb my nose.

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