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Global Warming in Limerick
Global Warming in Limerick

The Met Office says we're all going to die,
Because the seas are so terribly high.
The puddles are deep, making us weep.
When sunny, it’s so hot we could fry.

There’s ice in the freezer but none in the sea.
Both polar caps have thawed.
The winds are so strong; it’s very wrong.
The polar bears are thinking of moving abroad.

Rainbows are now different shades of grey.
No more colourful arcs for me and you.
Red and yellow and pink and green have gone.
Just like purple and orange and blue.

The birds have put a stop to migrating.
They say they don’t know what they’ll face.
The rainforest is depleting, it’s taken a beating.
It’s the fault of this daft human race.

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