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Imagine if the chalked outline of the corpse got up.
If an upward hand suddenly thrust through the grave.
If your ornaments started moving on the mantelpiece.
Or someone you see who’s died, gave you a wave.

I’d have no doubt you’d be pretty anxious like me.
Perhaps, so frightened you’d shed a few tears.
If you find yourself seeing these things happen.
First be certain you’ve not had too many beers.

If that evaluation rules out alcohol as the cause.
Book yourself an eye test as soon as you possibly can.
If the likelihood of eye failure is swiftly extinguished.
Then you are going to need a different plan.

You’re definitely seeing ghosts; people from the other side.
I advise you meet with a clairvoyant or maybe a mystic.
To find out what these dead people want from you.
And indeed who they all are; but don’t be too optimistic.

I expect the best you’ll be able to hope for,
Is that these ghosts want only to communicate,
If it’s something more concerning like revenge,
I’d advise you move to a new flat, mate.
After that, maybe emigrate.

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