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A Handwritten Letter
A Handwritten Letter

Handwrite a letter to show someone you care.
Use a fountain pen and ink to display some flare.
Create it like we did in the good old days.
Relax, take your time - think of that right phrase.

A handwritten letter is a thing of beauty.
It elevates your correspondence beyond just duty.
You can’t tie your emails in ribbons and a bow,
Or keep them in a box for posterity you know.

Your recipient will see you’ve fashioned every letter.
Pondering the right words to express yourself better.
There’s a huge difference between a swiftly written email,
And a deeply heartfelt letter that’s off the Beaufort Scale.

Get out your fountain pens and your Basildon Bond.
Put pen to paper and start to correspond.
Tell a friend or a loved one all the latest news.
Write them a letter, about which they’ll enthuse.

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