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Little E and His Fried Eggs
Little E and His Fried Eggs

Little E loves his grub!

Like E adores fried eggs but they must be runny.
If they’re sunny side up he’s an unhappy bunny.
He bursts the yoke first, so it runs like honey.
Then gulps them swiftly to fill his ample tummy.

John Lennon once proclaimed, ‘I am the egg man’.
Little E disputes this and he carries a frying pan.
He’s known around St Helen’s as Fried Egg Stan.
He and his friends are called the Breakfast Klan.

He’d have fried eggs on a Vindaloo curry if he could.
To him fried eggs with pasta would be pretty good.
Of course, he asserts he’s totally misunderstood.
He mainly loved crispy bacon during childhood.

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