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Little E and the Insect
Little E and the Insect

Little E was sat eating a meal outside a Munich restaurant.
No one was troubling him; he had not a worry or a want.
A friend shouted “Little, there’s a bug crawling over your food”.
Little glared at the insect that had dared to threaten his mood.

Most folks in this situation wouldn’t think of continuing the meal.
Many would be repulsed, distraught and some would even squeal.
Little E is not known for wasting grub or having his meal disturbed.
He found the bug, flicked it away and carried on, wholly unperturbed.

Not a heartbeat was lost as Little E dealt with this bold gate crasher.
With the bug dispatched Little refocused on his sizable bacon rasher.
His knife and fork laid together Little E sat back and felt quite replete.
Pondering if instead of flicking it away he should have eaten it as a treat.

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