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Changing Collectives
Changing Collectives

Pride of lions - Pride of trophy winners

Flock of birds - Flock of midwives

Clutch of chicks - Clutch of handbags

Brood of chickens - Brood of teenagers

Murder of crows - Murder of crime writers

Litter of cubs - Litter of louts

Plague of locusts - Plague of anti-vaxers

Parliament of owls - Parliament of hypocritic liars

Herd of cows - Herd of shepherds

Bed of oysters - Bed of lazy sods

Pack of dogs - Pack of gamblers

Family of sardines - Family of midwives

Murmuration of starlings - Murmuration of cardiac patients

Flight of swallows - Flight of pilots

Bevy of swans - Bevy of alcoholics

Pod of dolphins - Pod of musicians

School of whales - School of driving instructors

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