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What's in a Name
What's in a Name

Some people have names that describe their jobs,
But with others you'd get no clue,
For example, Claire Stretch was a PE teacher,
And somewhere in the world there's a lawyer called Sue Yoo.

Did their names draw them to those jobs?
Did Wordsworth think I'll become a writer?
Did his name draw Tiger Woods to golf?
And Les McBurney to become a firefighter.

Bill Medley was a famous Righteous Brother,
And Usain Bolt a top-notch sprinter too.
Justin Payne is a well-known dentist,
And there's a GP called Dr Atchoo.

Phil McCann reported on the petrol crisis.
Tom Kitchin is a famous chef of course.
There's a neuroscientist called Lord Brain,
And Bob Champion won a race on a horse.

A priest in Manilla is called Cardinal Sin.
Amy Freeze is a meteorologist.
Miss C Sharp is a music teacher,
And Pam Graves is an archaeologist.

There's a Gastroenterologist named Joshua Butt.
Sarah Blizzard is a weather forecaster
There’s a dentist called Rachel Pullin.
And Lawrence Church is a Christian Pastor.

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