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Talk these days is of work-life balance,
Good mental health and well-being.
I’ve looked after my emotional state.
I’d even say I’ve been far-seeing.

I’ve found lovely places to escape,
Where I can rest and remain calm,
Where my equilibrium is balanced,
And I can unwind without a qualm.

Firstly, there’s my Sea of Tranquillity,
Where I can escape from the storm.
There’s my Comfort Zone and Sea Bed,
Where I can stay quiet and warm.

If things get exceedingly tough,
And my mind’s in distressing turmoil,
I love to think of the County Down,
Where my stresses can uncoil.

My safety rail is The Eden Project,
Where I can go to ground,
Where I can think of nice things to do,
And get off the merry-go-round.

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