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The Horse Race
The Horse Race

… and they’re off

Number 12, Dog Trainer, has taken an early lead, closely followed by My Shadow. I’m afraid Number 6, No Defence, is a refuser at the first. We’ve lost Gone to Ground, who’s a faller at the second fence. There’s another, Skittles has fallen at the third. The Fearless Soldier has hit the front. He’s ahead of Dog Trainer, who just doesn’t seem to want to do as he’s told. Un Deux Trois is tentatively approaching the fourth. The Flying Scotsman is coming up rapidly on the rails and is putting pressure on My Shadow. End Game has fallen behind the pack. I have to say Baby Jesus, out of Sheik Mansoor’s stable, is making a good impression on his first outing.

There’s the three-furlong marker. Oh dear, dear, Bambi is a faller at five. That’s a nasty tumble. Depression too is a faller, Depression is down! They’re falling like Skittles. The Entertainer is up to third - he’s certainly putting on a good show. You’d pay to watch him on his own. Bucking Bronco has unseated his rider, young Billy Hare. He’s not a happy bunny. The First Responder is clearly not prepared to wait around, He’s gone ahead. Wait, The Hammer is swiftly clawing back that advantage. Penny Arcade is falling behind at the rear. A lot of people are going to lose money on Penny Arcade I’m afraid. Goodness, that’s a sharp turn of speed from Pins and Needles. He’s now hit the front. In the final furlong now and Pins and Needles has this sewn up. The Hammer has nailed second place. In From the Cold was a bit of an outsider but he’s finished third.

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